$50 Daily Contest Rules

  • Promoters who earns below $5 daily will not be invited into the draw
  • If you do Ninja stuff we will flag your account. You will not be allowed to take part
  • Promoter who earns more than $1000 monthly will NOT be allowed to take part
  • On website or blogs, ONLY comment made using Facebook comment box will be allowed
  • You are not allowed to use spam comment as part of your comment count
  • Comment made on Facebook page is OK
  • Comment made on Twitter is ok
  • Entry closes 10am UTC+0 London time every morning. Comment submitted after a winner is picked does not count
  • We will only count comment from post made on the day of the contest.
  • Only those we invite at our sole descretion will be allowed to participate NOT ALL iPROMOTERS