7 Unbelievable Food Facts

unbelievable food facts

Here are 7 unbelievable or shocking food facts that will blow your mind:

Food Fact # 1: Chocolate supplies in the world are running out

This is a bad news! Chocolate supplies are running out due to the political unrest and dangers to famers in Ivory Coast (where a huge percent of the world's cocoa beans are grown). The so-called "chocolate drought" is set to happen in 2014.

Food Fact # 2: One of the most expensive foods in the world is made from bird saliva

Have you ever heard anything about the bird's nest soup? It is a very expensive Chinese delicacy and made from a kind of nest that is created using bird saliva.

Food Fact # 3: The food that you eat can legally contain hairs and bugs

Do you find this alarming? Don't panic! In the United States, the FDA permits a certain amount of rodent hair and bugs to be present in food products.

Food Fact # 4: Fruits and vegetables are now less nutritious

It maybe hard to believe, but research findings that were published in HortScience explain that fruits and vegetables have become less nutritious than they were 50 years ago due to the newly discovered agricultural methods that have stripped off nutrients from the soil.

Food Fact # 5: "Pre-washed" salads may contain bacteria

Consumer Reports study found out that pre-washed salad may not be as clean as they seem. Researchers tested over 200 samples of various pre-washed salads and discovered that 39% of those samples are contaminated with bacteria called "coliform" which is used to indicate contamination of food products.

Food Fact # 6: Chewing coffee beans can make your breath fresher

Do you want to know a great way to freshen your breath even without a toothbrush or a mouth wash? Chew roasted coffee beans! Coffee beans does not only help in keeping you awake, but it will also help in extinguishing garlic or onion breath. Parsley and mint leaves are also great breath freshener alternatives.

Food Fact # 7: Chocolates can be as health as fruits

Is this a great news? Research shown that chocolates can be as healthy as fruits. When compared to blueberry and pomegranate juices, dark chocolate has higher amounts of antioxidants that can help in fighting diseases and preventing wrinkles!
7 years ago