About Promoter Program

You can earn money with iPromoter Module.

iPromoter module is designed for people who can share stories/videos of iReportersTv.co website and attract quality traffic. Each time a person clicks on the link you shared, you get money!


Here is the detailed explanation of how the system actually works. Please read this, before proceeding to iPromoter Module.

  • List of stories available for promotion you can find in the “promo videos” menu.

  • You promote shortened URL (currently it is Bit.Ly URLs), that contains specific information and makes it possible for us to track your individual promotion success.

  • Each link have a status.
    Statuses can be of three different types:

    • active – means link can earn money on clicks

    • inactive – link is not eligible for earning money, although it is still possible to click on it and see the video

    • suspended – link has been deactivated by website administrators, based on one of these issues:

      • Link gets fake clicks.

      • Link have copyright problems

      • Violating Policy

  • After 1 month, link status automatically becomes “inactive”, and from that point of time on link does not generate any income for promoter.

  • You can see how many clicks your links get on the dashboard.

  • You can see how much money you made on the dashboard.


CPM rates

CPM rates for each individual link will be updated every 24 hour.  For example revenue for 2nd of February will be updated the next day time 18:00 GMT+0.  For each link you will have possibility to view daily CPM changes, revenue and clicks. CPM rate calculation will take into consideration both the quality of traffic you send to us and the conversion rate of traffic.

Promo Links will now have different rate categories:

  • Premium (CPM up to $7)
  • Standard (CPM up to $5)
  • Short (CPM up to $2)
  • low quality (CPM up to $0.10)

Maximum available CPM of each story can be found on the thumbnail in the “Promo Videos” section of your dashboard.



  • Your total revenue and CPM rate depends on the quality of your traffic and its conversion rate from clicks to views.

  • At the end of the month if the earned amount is more than $50, promoter will be payed.

  • If earned amount is less than mentioned threshold, it will be transferred to next month balance.