Busted!!! Blind Beggar Caught Texting Wife

Busted!!! Blind  Beggar Caught Texting Wife
John Avarian is a motorist who was sympathetic with a blind man on the street, he would always give this guy money whenever he comes around until he caught him texting.

This angered John and he decided to set his trap, John said : “I’ve given him money. Everybody does. I bet you a dollar he makes two hundred dollars a day. But I started noticing him texting and decided to catch him. After I took the photo I said ‘BUSTED,’ and told him to get a real job.”

This beggar was rich and smart. The easiest way he could make money was through this means.
“I’d like to go down there and beat this guy blind,” John told his friends.

John had walked up to him the next day when he was texting again, the beggar quickly dropped the phone, stuck out his hands and said, “I can’t get a job because I’m blind. Can you spare a couple bucks?”
The street had descended on the beggar and he fled.

5 years ago