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Check out this lovely photo of President Buhari and his wife, Aisha

The photo was taken shortly after they arrived Nigeria from Saudi Arabia today Tuesday, May 21st Love them or hate them?
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Silly Photos Girls Post on Online

The popularity of social media and the desire of wanting to be noticed has caused some people to forget decency. For them to get attention they share pictures that should be private online. Here are 6...
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Photos Nigerian BBA Star Beverly Osu Don’t Want You To See

Beverly Adam Osu is among the famous fashion models in Nigeria. She has featured in many runways in the region working with top clothing lines. She was born and raised in the city of Lagos. She became...
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Woman Allegedly Kills Her Husband On Christmas Day For His Inability To Provide

According to Facebook user, Prince Uchenna Ahanotu, a woman killed her husband by stabbing him because he could not provide for the family. This sad incident occurred on Christmas day in Majidun Awori...
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4 Photos That Prove Unexpected Things Can Happen Anytime

What is that? I really feel sorry for these girls When the glass door  fights back When those that a suppose to enforce the law breaks it When a queen decide to do something shameful
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Kenyan-based Nigerian pastor says he delivers women by sucking their breasts

A Kenyan-based Nigerian pastor, who goes by the name, Pastor Chijioke, has admitted that he ‘delivers’ women by sucking their breasts. A radio station based in Nakuru, Kenya, 99.0 FM Hero Radio, r...
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Don’t waste our resources – Buhari tells Amaechi, Fashola, others

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned his ministers-designate not to waste the nation’s resources as soon as they assume office. The president while urging them to avoid impunity as ministers, charg...
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How teenagers fall victims to fraudulent fake pastors in Abuja

The Kubwa Police Division, Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory has drawn the attention of residents to a group of suspected self-acclaimed pastors who are often seen hanging around com...
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Judge my administration by the number of people that move out of poverty – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said the success of his administration should be measured through the number of Nigerians that were moved out of poverty, adding that his government’s economic...
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Girl cured of childhood illness after she ‘died’ sat on Jesus’ lap in heaven

A LITTLE GIRL who temporarily ‘died’ after she plummeted headfirst 30ft down the inside of a hollow tree claims she went to heaven and met Jesus. Annabel escaped the horrifying accident un...
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‘success kid’ who made whole internet smile now needs help getting dad new kidney

The famous meme of Sam Grimer’s fist-clenching pose became notorious online – now the eight-year-old is hoping to raise £50,000 for his sick dad. An eight-year-old boy better known for cr...
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Househelp demands N15m for the release of kidnapped boys

Mary Akinloye,the houehelp who kidnapped the 3 Orekoya boys has demanded N15 million for their release. Punch reveals the househelp was employed through OLX where the family posted the ad seeking the ...
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Defrauded Customers Of Nigerian Bank Ransacked Building

This might be funny to some people but for women and men In kwara State, Illorin who had put all their life savings in this bank do not find it funny and are currently biting their fingers for their l...
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Shocking Moment Woman ‘Floors Man With Single Punch

Stephanie Cisneros Lozada, was driving home with her boyfriend when she swerved to avoid being hit by a Peugeot, and was rammed from behind by Parmenio Gil Vazquez in his Volkswagen. Storming over to ...
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Not again!! Niger Delta Militants Blow Up Oil Pipeline

A Niger Delta militant group that is called Urhobo Gbagbako, has blown up the NPDC Oil pipelines at Ighrenene, Afiesere and Ekiugbo communities in Delta State. In an email sent to reporters claiming r...
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Pope Washes And Kisses The Feet Of Prisoners

It is Good Friday…as devout Christians around the world commemorate Good Friday,the festival, which marks the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus culminating in Easter Sunday, Pope Fran...
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Boyfriend Dumps Dead Girlfriend In A Pit Toilet In Osogbo

What could have led this pretty 19 year old lady to die in the hands of her lover? To desecrate her body the more, it was dumped in a pit toilet by the man who had killed her. The remains
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I Didn’t Say I Would Crush Boko Haram In Two Months-Buhari Denies

Muhammadu Buhari has debunked claims made by world media stating that he would defeat Boko Haram in two months. In the statement issued by Director of Media and Publicity of the All Progressives Congr...
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Wife Who Has Been Urinating Inside In-Laws’ Drink Caught

A woman has been caught urinating in her in-laws’ tea every day for a year. Has been caught…What could have led to this wickedness? Rekha Nagvanshi was squatting over the teapot when her mum-i...
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Kenya Massacre:’If you were Christian, you were shot on the spot’

Today, there was a massacre in a Kenya University.Terrorists have killed at least 15 people in a “fierce shoot-out” at a university in Kenya.The heavily armed five man gang – from the militant t...
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How President Jonathan Created His Own Downfall

When Nigeria emerged from 15 years of military rule in 1999, Jonathan’s Peoples Democratic party (PDP) was formed by wealthy retired generals to inherit power from the military. One of the godfather...
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Inspiring!!! She Was So Fat That She Decided To Do This

A woman weighing 46st lost half her body weight because she felt like a ‘nasty monster’ but admits she’s still got a long way to go before she reaches her target. Amber Rachdi is fro...
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Teacher striking student’s genitals with axe as science experiment goes wrong

A sickening video has emerged online of the moment a man, who appears to be a teacher, struck an axe at the genitals of one of his students in a science experiment that went disastrously wrong. The ma...
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Goodnews For Jonathan!! He May Be Winning The $5Million Mo Ibrahim Prize

Africa’s largest country, Nigeria has concluded a peaceful election process. Furthermore, the incumbent has already gracefully conceded and congratulated his successor – a first for Nigeria and a ...
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