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Zimbabwean Prostitutes Plying Their Trade On The Streets

As the economic stability of Zimbabwe worsens, more and more jobless women are forced into prostitution as a means of creating income for them and their children. In makeshift shelters they operate in...
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Biker Kid Shows Of His Skills

Four-year-old Rito revs to the top BIKERS from all over Mzansi lined up their speed machines in a battle to see who could rev their bike the loudest. Among the hardened riders was a little boy who mo...
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Popular Ghanaian Actress Caught In Lesbianism (18+)

We do not know how long this has been going on between this Ghanaian actress and her lover but according to ytainment, it has been going on for long. The website reports that they had an information t...
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Patoranking Partners Twoo thazin

patoranking is to partner Twoo thazin &15 in this hilarious partlly perfumaly,freshly video.we hope dey release a new song before Twoo thazin &15 lol
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Patorankingfire Dissex In Twi.

Dancehall ace patoranking fire seem to be having lots of fun in ghana.and enjoying thr ghanaian local dialect twi and wants you to know he can also speak atleast "Kwasia"
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Kim Kardashian Strips Fully On TV – KUWTK

Kim Kardashian goes fully exposed shoot where she shows off her best assets. ********************************************* FTD Official App: Kim Kardashian Strips Fully: ...
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Top Less Model Wears Painted On Bikini In Public

Although the Olympics will not take place for another year, Micaela Schafer chose to celebrate the Games by having a blue painted leotard featuring the Olympic rings painted across her body. ******...
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Quack Prophet Caught Breaking the 7th Commandment with a Married Woman

Acclaimed quack Ugandan prophet known as Prophet Mukasa has been using his fetish false believe to deceive and lure different women, both married and single to his dirty trap. But as we all know that ...
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Girl Walks the streets in her underwear for her birthday dare in town centre

This girl has been dared to walk through the town centre only wearing underwear on her bottom half! Its a birthday dare and we are loving it!
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Child Abuse: Beer given to a 4 Year Old Girl in a Public Party

How can reasonable parents and adults allow this to happen to the point of encouraging their four year old ward to drink alchol in their midst?.. It is purely an act of negliegence on the part of thes...
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19 year old UK girl publicly strip to her underwear in a supermarket in NekNominate dare

A woman stripped down to her underwear in a supermarket before downing a can of beer for a NekNominate challenge. Rebecca Dagley, 19, walked into an Asda supermarket in Fosse Park, Leicester, in a...
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Musician Presh’s Girlfriend Displays Dancing Skills

Please watch this video in which musician Presh’s girlfriend Diane Amaka displays dancing skills at her crib. News has it that Precious John of the musical duo 'KC PRESH' is about to wed Amaka Diane...
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Man Matches With his Cattle

As Ghana celebrates its 58th anniversary the cattle were also not left out. the actually part took in the exercise his their herdsmen on the field. a hilarious one.
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Man Drinking A Full Bottle Of HENNESSY To His Death

This is rather shocking and why some people looks at Black people Crazy sometimes. Drinks are meant to be enjoyed and not to poison your Lever or Kill yourself. Your mouth will drop open as you watch ...
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Expelled SRC Female Student Release Another Private Video to Express No Remorse for her Actions

You won't believe this, do u recall the UCC female aspirant that got expelled from her school because she leaked her own private video?? Well she has actually done the worse. She went ahead to exp...
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Reverend Father Caught Getting Intimate With Married Woman Inside Church House

Father José Antonio Solano Boitrón was caught in his bed in the Miraculous Medal Church in Trujillo (Peru). So far nothing unusual, despite the fact that he was in the company of Teolinda Amaya Alta...
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Amazing Video Of Magician Sitting on The Air

When the magician pulls an endless scarf out of his closed fist or a bird flies out of an apparently empty hat, it’s easy to accept that it’s a simple trick, a sleight of hand. But when that magi...
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This Is What Happens When Someone Refuses To Pay His BET On Soccer

This what happens when you BET on soccer with someone and refuse to pay that 100 dollars... I beg Tag someone who always refuse paying BETs or has encounter this kind of senario..
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Advice To Every Man Out There

Adult Education.....Advice To Men
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A new chief for Wraso-Kumawu

its about a young man enstooled as a chief for the people of Woraso-Kumawu in the Ashanti region of ghana
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A female drummer at church

its about a young female drummer who was at the center of attraction during a church programme
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Pastor Carried Shoulder High during Unusual Prayer Session

Please watch this video in which a pastor is praying for the congregation and he is carried shoulder high by a group of men while he sits on a chair. There is certainly a place for biblical teaching o...
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These SA chics are bold o..see what they tried with D’banj on stage

The Kokomaster pictured being sexually molested by South African chicks on stage..but he looks like he's enjoying it...:-). Meanwhile, he's currently in Dubai for an event.
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See What South African Babe Did To D’banj on stage

The Kokomaster pictured being sexually molested by South African chicks on stage..but he looks like he's enjoying it...:-). Meanwhile, he's currently in Dubai for an event
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