Claim Your Channel

Since the launch of our content partner program, we have seen a huge increase in the number of illegal videos uploaded by people who want to make money from our royalty payment scheme.

The simple way we have decided to combat the illegal uploading and monetization of these videos, is by giving the rightful owners the opportunity to claim the channel.

If the videos on a specific channel belong to you, please use the form below to send us the required information we need for identification, verification and handing over.

We will transfer the channel over to you and start paying you for every single view all your videos get on the channel from the day you claim it based on our payment plan.

[gravityform id=”6″ name=”Claim Your Channel”]

NB: If you discover a video belonging to you that you do not want to be paid for on the site and want removed, go to our DMCA page and send us a removal request.