Come home, Jimmy! Ebola Has Been Now Taken Care Of- Sierra Leone Begs Their Sprinter

Jimmy Thoronka
Jimmy Thoronka ran away last year when he visited London for the Commonwealth Games, he was scared of dying because of Ebola that was ravaging his beloved country Sierra Leone then, for nine months he was missing in action until now.

He has been seen after nine months , he was arrested last Friday when he was found sleeping rough on the streets of London and his running mates in Freetown, Sierra Leone who said they wanted him back despite the tragedy that has apparently struck his life.
He claimed that his flight home was cancelled because of the Ebola crisis and his passport and wallet were stolen - then he was told that his family back home had been wiped out by the deadly virus.

Joseph Nyande, the secretary general of the National Olympic Committee, said: 'I spent a week in London and I still flew in. There was no problem with flights, even British Airways was running at that time.

'He absconded. We tried to get on to him, we tried to call him on the telephone. It was embarrassing for us.'
He also cast doubt on Thoronka's claim that his real parents were killed in the 2002 civil war - before he was taken in by an adoptive mother who then died of Ebola.

'I know he has parents here. I don't think there is anything wrong with the parents,' he added.
Ibrahim Kabia, a fellow runner at Freetown Flashpack runners, said that Thoronka was adored by fans as the country's best 100m and 200m sprinter.

He said: 'People would come to the pitch when he ran for the Sierra Leone Police Athletic Club. His fans shouted "Jimmy!" all the time when ran.
'He became a big star in our country in 2013 when he beat some Australian and Swedish guys in the championships. We were very proud of him.'

5 years ago