Congolese Politician Caught on Hotel Hidden Cameras Frolicking with his Mistress


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Politics is really a dirty game as they say... A popular Congolese Senator Abby was set-up by an unknown political opponent who wants to drag him down.

From our source, we gathered that the anonymous opponent had it all planned out by using an attractive lady to lure and take advantage of Abby who is happily married (as you can see a picture of his wife in the video).

The unknown opponent had it all planned out with the hotel management who video-taped the entire scene with the help of the hotel Motion-Sensor security cameras placed all round the hotel corners.

Too bad! Since the video got leaked, senator Abby has been in serious qualms with his wife, not to talk of the alteration in the legal terms and conditions relating to his political sector, which might as well ruin his career for good.

Temptation is real, but to withstand temptation is priceless... watch and Share with your friends, you never can tell who you might be saving from such disaster.

5 years ago