Ebola fears as Vomiting Nigerian Passenger dies on Flight from Lagos to USA

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A Nigerian male passenger who boarded an Arik Air Flight from Nigeria to JFK Airport on Thursday died and it triggered Ebola fears.
It was reported that this passenger who boarded the flight out of Lagos on Wednesday, died during the flight after a fit of vomiting .

According to the New York post ,congressman,Rep. Peter King said the man had been vomiting in his seat and some time before the plane landed, he passed away leaving 145 passengers in fear.

“The door [to the terminal] was left open, which a lot of the first responders found alarming,”My understanding was that the passenger was vomiting in the seat,"The CDC went on the plane, examined the dead body and said the person did not have Ebola.

“It was what I was told a cursory examination. The Port Authority cops and personnel from Customs and Border Protection were there, and they were told there was no danger because the person did not have Ebola,”

5 years ago