Facebook Blocking Links

If facebook is blocking your post, don’t worry.  take the steps below, create a new blogger account, post the code we have given you below and start posting again.

Option 1

1- Go to www.blogger.com and create a new blog

SEE IMAGE >> http://take.ms/MSRGC

2- After creating your blog, open the create a new blog post link

SEE IMAGE >> http://take.ms/UOFMT

3- Add your blog title

SEE IMAGE >> http://take.ms/rkWSf

4-Copy the code below into the HTML of post (remember to change “yourwebsite link” to the link you want to share.

<script type="text/javascript">window.location.href = "_____PROMO_____URL_____";</script>

SEE IMAGE >> http://take.ms/WYhSm

5- Copy and share the new blog post.

SEE IMAGE >> http://take.ms/xkEzN

If you follow the steps correctly, it will redirect the viewer to the page you want them to go.