Fetish Priest, Kwaku Bonsams Speaks On Meeting Jay Z


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Here's something you don't happen to see everyday, a fetish priest with a strong social media presence.

But just because it's Ghana, and just because it is Ghana's "ace jujuman" Nana Kwaku Bonsam, almost anything can be expected. Here's a video of the spiritualist ranting about various things happening in Ghana.

He takes a jab at self-righteous people, talks about not "judging books by the cover" in a rather elaborate way and even hints that some people are practising Christianity the wrong way. He gives out his New York address (something I'm not totally sure he should have) and rants about other topics in a joint-less manner.

The highlights in this video for me however are when he claims, "he will be meeting" rapper and all-round mogul, Jay Z in a few days at a basketball match. Yep, you read that right, this is one jujuman who knows how to ball.

For a spiritualist who was put on satire website, OMGGhana's list of "rich people" (not that we are ascertaining this fact), the voluptuous lady behind him also makes sense. I'm sure it should

3 years ago
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