How To Conceal Facial Wrinkles

How To Conceal Facial Wrinkles
If there is one thing that ladies are scared of is aging which brings with it wrinkles. For those who are celebrities and always in front of people, wrinkles are disasters.

We would show you how to conceal your facial wrinkles and lines rather than heading to your doctor for Botox or even laser resurfacing treatment.

Marionette Lines

The lines that you see from the corner of your mouth down to the chin are called marionette lines. You can hide these lines with a concealer and a manicure pencil to trace the lines and cover them up.

How To Conceal Facial Wrinkles
You should take it very easy when using anti-aging creams. A lot of these creams can irritate your skin and would show up signs of aging more visible.

Use one cream at a time before adding another product after a month especially those that have ingredients like vitamin C or descriptions including "peptide technology" or "growth factor technology."

Play Up Your Eyes

You should highlight your eyes because it is a trick that makeup experts make use to draw focus away from wrinkles.
You should choose matte eye shadow instead of the shimmers. Of course neutral colours can work best.

Use lighter shades on your lids and soft neutrals in the creases of your eyelids.

Lighten Up on Powder

You would realize that a light dusting of loose, mineral powder sets your makeup without settling into fine lines and pores.

Also, swap your powder blush for a cream blush to get a natural, radiant look that won't draw attention to any fine lines on your cheeks.

Smudge-Proof Your Lips

You should always keep the colours of your lips and do not try to bleed into fine lines and line your lips with a creamy, color-stay lip liner that matches your lip color.

Next, apply a lip stain very lightly using your fingertip. Don't use too much.
How To Conceal Facial Wrinkles

You may no longer need to place blush and bronzer higher on your cheekbones to contour and slim your face. Sweeping it directly onto the apples of your cheeks will look more natural now.

Finally, put a little bit of sheer gloss on the center of your lips. This will help your color stay put and keep the spotlight where it belongs: on your beauty.

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