How To Cook Ofe Di Na Nwanyi (Lover’ s Soup)

How To Cook Ofe Di Na Nwanyi (Lover’ s Soup)

You may have tried a lot of soups in Nigeria, but Ofe Di Na Nwanyi which means ‘ Husband and Wife Soup’ in Igbo language may be the exotic soup that can change your menu at home.

It is not a popular soup even to the eastern people of Nigeria where this soup originated from. This is a traditional ‘Lovers Soup’ that is often served to the newly married couples as their first meal during and after their traditional marriage.

This is the soup of love


- Heart of a cow(cut into pieces) (substitute the heart with 10 pieces beef or chicken meat )
- 1 Large sized smoked fish
- 1 stockfish head or 2 medium sized pieces stockfish parts
- 2 handful Egusi seeds or Ofor or Achi (to thicken the soup)
- 2 handful Uziza leaves (some folks use Okazi/ukazi leaves )
- 1 tablespoonful ground Crayfish
- 2 cooking spoonful Palm oil
- 1 Small onion bulb (chopped)
- ground dry pepper/chopped scotch bonnet(atarodo)(to taste)
- 1 stock cube/seasoning cube or seasoning powder
- Salt to taste


- First place the Egusi or Achi or Ofor in a blender and grind until smooth. Set aside for later use

- Wash and remove bones from the smoked fish, and Set aside for later use

* Now, wash and season the stock fish and cow heart (or beef ) with chopped onions, stock cube and salt to taste.Cook the meat in it's juice for 5 minutes , then add a little water and leave to cook until tender.

* Add a cup of water to the cooked meat and stockfish, add the palm oil, ground egusi or achi, ground pepper and ground crayfish; mix thoroughly, and if the consistency is too thick, add more water.

Leave to boil for 10- 15 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent burning at the bottom.
Tip: if you're using achi, first dissolve in cold water before adding to the soup.

* Now, add the cleaned smoked fish and the shredded ukazi or uziza leaves.Taste for salt ,Mix thoroughly and leave to simmer on low heat for 5-10 minutes, depending on the leaf you're using. Then stir thoroughly and put of the heat.

Tip: okazi leaves are tough, that is why you have to simmer for up to 10 minutes.

Serve your delicious Ofe Di Na Nwanyi with pounded yam, fufu, wheat meal,Eba or any swallow of choice.

5 years ago