iReporterTV High Earners $50 Daily Bonus

For a limited number of partners, we are going to give them a premium status which means more money for them.

For these premium partners who qualify, we are going to give them a $50 bonus daily or $1500 monthly bonus. We can ONLY upgrade 10 partners to our premium status. After their account has been upgraded, we will give them $50 daily bonus on top of their daily earning.

Qualification is simple. You need to promote and earn $100 or more a day. The account of the first 10 partners that earns $100 or more in a day, will be upgraded to a premium status.

Any time they earn $100 or more in a day, we will give them a $50 bonus.

NOTE! This offer is open for a limited time, once we get the number of partners we want, we will close the offer.