iWidget $50 Upgrade

iReportersTV iWidget is back and better :) I am talking about $50 or more for 1000 clicks. I was able to seal a very good deal with some top advertisers. This MASSIVE cashout is the outcome of that deal.

Now! we are back on top as one of the highest paying platforms to work with :)

We are going to launch this on Beta after a week some partners will even get more. When I say more I mean more than $50 for 1000 clicks.

So keep your eyes open. We will soon open the doors for Beta testers.

As soon as the door is open you can start promoting videos via the iPromoters iWidget and make good dollars for 1000 clicks.

I will make the announcement on the facebook support group page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/582006928577020/

If you are a partner, you need to join us there. I Henry O will personally monitor and reach out to our partners through that channel

NB: This is a Beta launch after one week of test driving this… you will see stability