Kefee – Be Strong


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Still can’t believe Kefee is gone. Here’s a song the Branama and Kokoroko hitmaker recorded before her passing. It’s called “Be Strong”.

These words of encouragement and upliftment couldn’t have come at a better time for her family, friends and fans.

R.I.P Kefee. Your legacy will live on forever!

“BE STRONG in times like this. It’s very hard to believe that this has happened, but the ICON Kefee aka “Branama Queen” has gone home. On this song, she encourages no matter what you are going through to BE STRONG.

More to come from this great singer. Be Strong was recorded in Los Angeles (LA) with Pastor P. Adeyemi.

#TeamKefee encourages all her fans and supporters to continue to embrace the Legacies she stood by and left behind. This is just the beginning of the BranamaQueen #KefeeLivesOn.

6 years ago
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