Kenyan Girl Refuses to Wear her Clothes after being Abused at the Airport for Carrying Drugs


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Some called it Racism, some said it's a system malfunction.. well, I think it's just a mistake because it can actually happen to anyone and also with the way people are into drugs these days, you can hardly trust anyone.

This Kenyan lady was falsefully humiliated at Douala airport in Cameroon for caring Indian herms after she fought and pleaded with the airport security agents.

The foreign security women at the airport had to take her into custody after their screening machine repeatedly gave them false alert. She was stripped and after a thorough search, they couldn't find any contraband product with her. She went really mad that she refused to put on her clothes after being accused and humiliated for a crime she knows nothing about.

The airport management pleaded with her and even called one of their workers who is from Kenyan to help plead and beg her to put on back her clothes, but all went on deaf ears...

Hmmm, it was really a serious issue, y'all need to watch and see for yourself...and Don't forget to SHARE the video with your friends.

5 years ago