KFC Customer Served Fried Rat Instead of Fried Chicken


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It was reported on Facebook that a California resident, Devorise Dixon received a shock after he ordered a fried chicken in Compton but was served a rat.

“Don’t eat fast food!!! I went to KFC yesterday and bought a 3-piece chicken tender, as I bit into it I noticed that it was very hard and rubbery which made me look at it. As I looked down at it I noticed that it was in a shape of a rat with a tail. It sent deep chills throughout my whole body! I’ve been feeling weird ever since. I bought this in Compton, CA on Wilmington and 120th. I’ve never seen chicken like this before its sick.” Dixon posted on Facebook.

See photo and video here: http://nosairabor.blogspot.com/2015/06/kfc-customer-served-fried-rat-instead.html?m=1


5 years ago
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