Recorded Phone Call that Made a Married Cheating Woman to Poison her Husband


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This tape which has been trending for a while now is still yet exposing more and more of its hidden skeletons. Fear women and save your life, that is how the popular saying goes.

Most times, young men will do everything in their power to settle down with young, beautiful light skinned women, but do we know these women better before we settle down with them.

Audio recordings and pictures which have been circulating all week on social media has it that a radio presenter, Kofi Ofori Atta who died some weeks ago, was killed by his wife whom he married three months ago.

According to speculations making rounds on social media, the woman poisoned Kofi’s food.

The story behind the whole drama is still quite unclear but the long and short of it is that, Kofi bugged the girl’s phone and recorded conversations of her with various men she’s been sleeping with for money whilst they were newly married.

Some say Kofi also caught the girl in bed with another man, Kofi then threatened to expose her and divorce her. Because the girl couldn’t take the disgrace, she poisoned Kofi, her husband of three months.

According to Facebook friends, the girl never stepped foot at Kofi’s funeral and has deactivated her Facebook account.

We have zero truth in this matter but the audio seems to do some justifying. 

I had to take my time to integrate some these private conversations between the girl and her sugar daddies in which she says some explicit stuffs. 

Just watch and see for yourself, you will be convinced on the allegation laboured against her.

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5 years ago
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