Meet The 7-Year-Old Boy Who Have Survived Ebola

Meet The 7-Year-Old Boy Who Have Survived Ebola
Ebola virus may be a threat around the world but there are people who have survived the attack of this deadly disease.

One of the survivors is a seven year old boy, Vandy Jawad, who is a reminder of hope and survival in this health challenging situation caused by Ebola.

He was treated for more one month in Sierra Leone and had displayed some serious symptoms of the disease.

According to nurses, “That small boy was very, very sick. We did not think he would survive as so many haven’t,” said Sister Nancy Yoko, the nurse in charge of the Ebola Treatment Centre in Kenema.

“Little Vandy provided laughter at the most unlikely moments inside that ward, I’m so happy for his recovery, “ a British volunteer nurse who treated him inside the centre told UNICEF.

“Isata Konneh (35) was another patient who I met leaving the ward. She had tears in her eyes and proudly displayed her certificate to the nurses “I am so happy for this day, I thank God that he has helped me survive” she says.

Another survivor Fatmata Sesay said, “I am the happiest person in the world right now.”

“I knew I was very sick as I was bleeding through my nose and vomiting blood clots, but I am lucky, I am better now and so is Tata. It is not easy to recover from this terrible disease,” says Fatmata.

“I thank Allah and the nurses who have cared for me, we are alive.”

4 years ago