Things we look for when considering videos for our “Help with Promotion” or “High Rate Self Promotion”

  • The video must Original/ Unique. Content we have on our platform already will not be accepted.
  • Do not use ALL CAPs Use proper sentence Case i.e (The Boy is Dancing) Not [the boy is dancing or THE BOY IS DANCING].
  • Upload quality videos with clear images. A video that a viewer cannot watch is not acceptable.
  • The title should be easy to understand and tells the viewer what the story is about.
  • The title should match the content or story of the uploaded video. No hype or any form of misleading is allowed.
  • Stories that are not news worthy but uploaded only because it contains nudity will not be allowed.
  • If there is nudity on your video it must be a news worthy story NOT a nude story that you are trying to make news.
  • Porn is NOT allowed.
  • Gory content that provokes a negative response is not allowed i.e videos showing dead bodies, horrific injuries, deformation, accident victims, disgusting or repulsive behaviour e.t.c
  • Your Story Must news worthy

IMPORTANT: Uploading Porn, Disgusting content, extreme violent videos showing beheading, accident scene e.t.c can get your account banned and your pending payment withheld.