Mysterious Trees Talk And Laugh While River Turns Into Blood In A Village

Mysterious Trees Talk And Laugh While River Turns Into Blood In A Village
A husband disappears during a holiday trip with his family in a mountain and the mountain refused to release him,a river turns into blood and trees started talking and laughing. This is what is happening and haunting people in Nyangani Mountain since time immemorial.

The latest victims of the unknown "kidnapper" are two innocent children from St Killians Mission in Makoni who had recently gone on a trip with their fellow students at a natural pool in Nyamombe River. The students disappeared from the group only to be found dead in the pool the following morning.

The elderly traditional leader explained :
"Nyanga, which in Chewa means first- born, was Tangwena's son who travelled from Malawi and established his chiefdom in present day Nyanga, which is named after him.

"Chief Nyanga then established friendship with Chirikutsi, a mermaid which lived at Pungwe falls. The chief had his sacred alter in the mountain, along Nyamombe River where they would meet the mermaid as well as communicate with their spirit mediums. At one point the mermaid came out of water and took Nyanga's family with it into the waters, living a few behind. It could have been a move to find some friends to live with since they had entered into a friendship pact.

"The mountain is sacred. The problem is people are now shunning our tradition for Western cultures. We should always respect our culture. What is happening in Nyangani Mountain is very depressing. It must be given the attention it deserves," he said.

5 years ago