New iPromoter system. Upcoming Changes!

From now on, CPM rates will not be assigned to promo-links from the beginning of promotion.

CPM rates for each individual link will be updated every 24 hour. For each link you will have possibility to view daily CPM changes. CPM rate calculation will take into consideration both the quality of traffic you send to us and the conversion rate of traffic.

Promo Links will now have different rate categories:

  • Premium (CPM will be based on the quality your traffic)
  • Standard (CPM will be based on the quality your traffic)
  • Short (CPM will be based on the quality your traffic)
  • Low (The Max CPM we will pay you is $0.10)

Videos will be grouped by the above mentioned categories, in the Promo Videos section of your dashboard, so you can choose what type of link you want to promote.

There will be no Quality Score (QS) measurement system anymore, it will be eliminated completely. Last QS analysis will be done on the 1st of February for measuring quality score of January.

New system will start from the 1st of February. Fixed CPM rates for all active links as of February 1st will be dropped and assigned to new CPM system.