Obasanjo’s letter arouses interest in Kasamu Buruji obituary myth


Oluwole Ajiboye

As a fallout of the controversial Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, further searchlight has now been turned on Ogun State-based godfather, Kasamu Buruji, who has deployed his enormous expansive wealth to influence politics in the state in the current Republic.

Buruji’s wealth is enormous but many have variously described it as shrouded, mysterious or questionable as there have been claims that he defrauded a bank in the Republic of Benin while some have alleged that he was involved in a huge drug case in the UK.

During the messy fight between President Obasanjo and then Ogun State Governor Gbenga Daniel, when both were in power, Buruji had pitched his tent with Obasanjo. But things later changed dramatically, to the point that Buruji is now the godfather of the faction of the Peoples Democratic Party giving the Obasanjo PDP group serious headache.

In the Obasanjo letter, he accused Jonthan of empowering Buruji, who he describes as a drug baron. While Buruji, through his lawyers, has responded, saying it is false and an afterthought, the allegation have prompted a broad spectrum of the Nigerian media to start asking questions on the ageless stories that surround Buruji again.

Apart from a prolonged bank case associated with one of his companies, and the one that hovered around his dual citizenship of Nigeria and Benin Republic, many have wondered how he got the name ‘KASAMU BURUJI’, which, they claim, is alien to his Ijebu Igbo, Ogun Sate/Yoruba origin of the controversial man.
Particularly, there was a rumour that one man who was involved in a drug deal between the UK and the US, about 15 years ago, beat the courts by declaring himself dead. He was said to have gone as far as publishing his own obituary, while he ‘rose’ to take up a new but fabricated name.

This is a subject the media is boiling to expend its energy on for now, even as the Obasanjo-Jonathan feud spreads.

Apart from law suit and legal threat responses, Kasamu has exploited all avenues to prove his innocence. Among these is the prose he leaves on his website, in terms of his profile and philosophy.

Excerpts below:

Born on 19th May 1948, indigene of Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a Muslim, married with children and grand children. He is the Chairman/CEO of Kasmal Group of Companies Limited located at 33, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He has over 500 employees under the group. He is also the Chairman of Group Kasmal SAL in Republic of Benin. He is an experienced business manager and industrialist, with about 76% share capital in the ultra modern cotton ginnery – Societe d’Egrenage Industrial de Coton du Benin (SEICB S.A) in the Republic of Benin, a neighboring French speaking West African country He is a businessman and industrialist of international repute. He is also involved in the business of importation and exportation of goods and commodities, semi-finished and finished agro-allied products for over 20 years. Concerning the false allegations against Prince Kashamu we have instruction to bring the following to public attention Prince Kashamu is not the subject of any United States FBI investigation The Misleading and false statements concerning him and an alleged offence in US relate to proceedings which involved a case of mistaken identity The first proceedings against Prince Buruji Kashamu brought by the US Government ended in favour of Kashamu when the High court of Justice, Queens Bench Division England in suit No C0/2141/2000 in a judgment dated Friday 6th October 2000 delivered in a habeas corpus application filed by Buruji Kashamu against the US Government.”
4 years ago