Horrific: Parent Killing and eating their children as a result of famine in North Korea.

Cannibalism in North Korea

There were unconfirmed reports about the cannibalism in North Korea due to the "hidden famine."

Food shortage in the said country has gone so bad that some people became desperate and killed their own children for food.

Here are some statements from our sources:

"While his wife was away on business he killed his eldest daughter and, because his son saw what he had done, he killed his son as well. When the wife came home, he offered her food, saying: 'We have meat.' But his wife, suspicious, notified the Ministry of Public Security, which led to the discovery of part of their children's bodies under the eaves."

"There was an incident when a man was arrested for digging up the grave of his grandchild and eating the remains."

This is really alarming, especially for North Korean kids who are dying at an early age just to feed their parents.

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7 years ago