Promoter FAQ

Q: I see that number of clicks on my “active links” page has reduced, why?
A: Active links become inactive after 30 days of promotion, if you see that number of active links has reduced, refer go to “inactive links” page.


Q: What is the difference between current and pending balances?
A: Pending balance changes during month. Each time, when Quality Score Analysis is done by the system, CPM rates are adjusted accordingly, and thus pending balance changes to reflect CPM change, be it a growth or a decrease. Current balance reflects the approved amount, that you have earned on iReportersTV. When this amount becomes bigger than $50, you will be payed in that same month.


Q: When will the pending balance become Current?
A: At the beginning of each month (usually during first two days) we review all the checks and analysis our system does, and transfer previous month’s Pending Balance to Current Balance.


Q: When will I get paid?
A: Payment is on a Net5 basis which simply means 5 days after the end of the month. The minimum payment is $50 so you much have a current balance of $50 or more to get paid.


Q: How will I receive a payment?
A: To get paid you must fill out payment information in your account page and have current balance more than $50.


Q: How is the earning calculated?
A: Promoters earnings are being calculated based on CPM rate of each individual link times number of clicks you have got on this link (during its active period).


Q: What is quality score?
A: QS is for measuring the quality of promotion. Detailed information about quality Score calculation can be found here.


Q: How Do I stop gettting notification from iReportersTv.
A: You can turn on/off notification settings from preferences page of your dashboard.