ReportersTv $50 Daily Giveaway

From the 1st of August 2014 until further notice, iReportersTv will be giving away $50 daily to one hard-working iPromoter.

For your chance to win this $50 daily giveaway, all you need to do is to promote one or more videos and earn a minimum of $5 for the day to enter the draw.

As soon as you enter into the draw, what you need to do next is show us a page on your website, Facebook page or Twitter page that you promoted your link (the video).

The partner with the highest engagement, I mean comment on his post for that day’s promotion wins. i.e If you copy a link on the 30th of  July, it will be saved on your active link section under the date 30th of July.

See Image below


If you share that link or 20 more links that you started promoting on the 30th of July, we will pay you for them on the 31st of July.

As soon as payment is posted, you will be notified if you are on the draw for the $50 giveaway. Only those that earned a minimum of $5 will be entered into the draw.

As soon as you receive the notification, look at all the links that you promoted on the 30th of July and paste the one with the highest comment. The person with the highest comment for the day will be declared a winner.


  • If you are already earning above $5000 monthly, you will not be allowed to participate. If your daily revenue is below $5 you will not be allowed to participate
  • We will ONLY count comment made with Facebook , comment plugin on website, blog e.t.c We will not accept comments made with other tools by anonymous of whatever profile. It has to be with Facebook comment.(The name of the person who commented should be shown and not seen as anonymous.)
  • You can share a link promoted on your site, twitter, or Facebook. Any other platform that cannot be verified publicly will not be counted.
  • You can only submit comments of new links promoted on the 30th of July for the 30th of July’s draw and that of the 31st for the 31st draw e.t.c

Testimonial From Winners

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