RIM Introduces Blackberry 10 – PHOTOS

[caption id="attachment_19522" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Blackberry 10 Blackberry 10[/caption]

The long wait is over, guys! RIM has finally released their first ever version of the smartphone platform that is specially designed for touch handsets.

As you all know, the previous version, BlackBerry 7, was only optimized for non-touch devices. Here are some of the best features that highlight this magnificent phone:

  • adaptive software keyboard

  • all-new camera

  • "Balance" feature (creates 2 personas on the BB device - personal and work use)

Check out these BlackBerry 10 snapshots:

BB 10

BB 10 pic

To all iPhone and Android users out there, what can you say about the new BlackBerry 10?
7 years ago