Rowdy Scene Inside The Nigerian Senate


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A mild rowdy scene took place inside the Nigerian senate on Wednesday as the law makers deliberate on a motion on the crisis in rivers state.

it took sometime before normalcy was restored for the session to continue and for the senate to reach a decision to summon the inspector general of police to answer to difficult questions.

The crisis in RIVERS STATE took much of the time and focus of the Nigerian SENATE on Wednesday with the lawmakers inviting the IGP, Abubakar Muhammed to give a situation report on the matter and explain the extent to which the police is culpable in matter!

A motion by Senator Wilson Ake PDP member, representing Rivers West laid the crisis before the SENATE!

Ake’s motion is delivered with visible anger over the incident of 12th JANUARY involving SENATOR MAGNUS ABE who is allegedly hit by rubber bullet from the police!

But AKE’s motion on RIVERS STATE CRISIS threw almost everything else on motion...flying tempers which clearly betray the sharp divide along party lines now inside the red chamber!
Supports for the Motion came mostly from the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC and a few curious backing from some PDP members believed to be haggling for defection.

SENATOR Alhassan Jummai however asked that his name be removed from the list!

SENATOR JAMES MANAGER’s point of order to STOP the motion was over-ruled by the SENATE PRESIDENT, DAVID MARK.

But there were more counter…this time from SENATOR GEORGE SEKIBO!

Shortly afterwards…….it was total commotion inside the Chamber!

From the gallery, it was difficult to tell what MANAGER said to SENATOR Ahmed Lawan to provoke his anger.

But the two SENATORS made up very quickly!

The situation in Rivers State is beginning to overwhelm even the SENATE PRESIDENT himself! His previous attempt to settle the matter yielded nothing!

At the moment, the only man who has a few questions to answer before the SENATE is the IGP himself!


6 years ago