Shocking!!! Pastor Lesego Gives Members To Drink Petro

Pastor has congregation drink petrol
Controversial South African Pastor ,Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries has decided to go extra dangerous this time, it is no longer asking his members to eat grass or stepping on then.

He has given them petrol to drink.He held petrol in a bottle and said petrol can be as tasty as pineapple.

Suddenly church members were rushing towards him begging for a taste.When he gives them he asks"Is it nice"? They yell and nod in excitement,pleading for more...

Some people are stunned beyond words to say anything but these ones said:

“Seriously someone needs to lock this man that calls himself man of God up. How disgusting, all of them drinking the so-called fuel juice from the same container and not even minding. Mouth odour and disease too. Oh my people perish due to ignorance and lack of knowledge !!

“Dis man again? wonder south Africans pack all their bags 2 TB Joshua church

5 years ago