Slum Tourism In Makoko, The Floating Venice City In Africa

Slum Tourism In Makoko

You may have travelled to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River and experienced the most beautiful places in Nigeria’s tourism but there is one place, you have not thought of visiting expect you are the daring type.

Makoko, is the floating city in Lagos which is a stilt village that can be seen on Third Mainland Bridge and it is a slum that exist in its own unique world.

It has been dubbed the Venice of Africa, which is a name given to it with a sense of irony. This oily water kingdom provides fishes to this community and also exposes them to the greatest dangers, spreading disease through its cramped population.
Slum Tourism In Makoko, The Floating Venice City In Africa
Slum Tourism

Slum tourism is a type of tourism that involves people visiting impoverished areas around the world and Makoko is one of such places.

It is one of poorest areas in Lagos and lately, the government is doing a lot of support works to help the people in this slum.

It was said that some of the inhabitants of Makoko had migrated there from Benin Republic along the coast line and French was their “unofficial” language there and most spoke a patois that sounded like a combination of French and Yoruba.

Makoko’s residents is estimated to be 30,000 to 250,000 and are refusing to bow to the grim march of progress.

Despite Makoko’s the extreme poverty, squalor and inescapable stench, joy exists even here where playful children gawk and tease visiting outsiders and a vibrant micro-economy of transactions aboard makeshift boats seems to somehow flourish

6 years ago