Some Policemen Are Armed Robbers


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“If you investigate our men, you will discover some are armed robbers. They are not contented with what they have; so they go to the road to extort money from people, engage in illegal business, and liaise with armed robbers.”

This according to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), Zone 6 Command of the Nigeria Police Force; Mr. Jonathan Johnson.

This is a case of, “The worm that is damaging the apple, is resident inside it”. If the police at the highest levels know this much, when will they act on what they know?

In 2009, Assistant Inspector -General of Police Olusegun Efuntayo in charge of Zone 9 Command, reported to the then Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro; as follows, “Our policemen are lily-livered.

When they hear the bursting of a vehicle exhaust, they run away”. The can of worms was opened, well before now.

5 years ago
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