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Jamaican female undergraduates Dance Over Fire!

Jamaicans are so wild. Now there’s a new form of dance, where you’ve got to shake your bum over fire. Now that’s too crazy. The girl who did, did the full split though,now what is this supposed ...
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Shatta Wale responds to fake fans who burns his T-Shirts

Not long ago, Shatta Wale's sm T Shirt were burnt by some Nima boys and girls. Shatta Wale has for the first time Responded to the Fake Fans who burnt his T Shirts inside Nima at the Daddy Lumba Joy...
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Shatta Wale Is A Sellout – Angry Nima Youth Burn SM T-Shirt In The Streets

Questions are now being asked about Shatta Wale’s claim to be a supporter of the people of Nima. Shatta Wale himself has not come out to claim he is a native of Nima, but has put forward his support...
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Alliance of Valiant Arms – Burn Montage

2nd Montage created on my new computer and I'm glad to say it just took the spot for my best edit yet. I hope you guys enjoy it. More to come in the future
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Secondary School Students In Ghana Burn Principal’s Car Over (WASSCE) Exam

Some 190 Senior High School students of the Kolege Senior High School at Darkuman Junction in Accra on Tuesday decided to burn their headmaster’s car and destroyed some other school properties. A...
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Mother burns her own son’s face and stabs his head for stealing soup

Sakirat Attah was arrested by the police after burning her son’s face for going and tasting their neighbor’s soup.
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