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Yvonne Nelson says Dumsor can make me go blind

Ghana tops glaucoma cases in the world and Yvonne Nelson fears she might also lose her eye sight if our power crisis isn’t resolved anytime soon. “We have a lot of glaucoma cases in Ghana...If...
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ECG Man In Trouble Over Chilled Beer

Oh so this ECG worker wanted a chilled beer to enjoy after failing to provide Ghanaians electricity power for 24 hours? This is a funny skit of an ECG man who went to a pub requesting for something to...
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Demostration Hits the street of Accra against Power Outages a.k.a. Dumsor

Ghanaian opposition party NPP demonstrate against the current electricity problem and thousands of Ghanaian workers gathered at the kwame knrumah circle to join the Wongbo Demonstration that hits the ...
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