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AGAIN! Pastor Lesego Opens Petrol Station in Church Makes Congregants Drink Petrol From Dispenser

12/07/2015 Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Ministries Opens a New Petrol Filling Station in Church and made his Congregants and Members drink directly from the dispenser telling them they are drinking...
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How Popular Nollywood Actress Ended Up In The Bed of Fake Spiritualist

There is nothing that people would not do to get famous especially in Nollywood. The actresses have gone an extra miles in making use of black magic to get what they want in the industry. This is what...
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Fake Ghana Pastor Arrests A Herbalist With Policemen Over Miracle Charm That Didn’t Work.

Watch this exclusive footage in which a Ghanaian who claims to be a pastor uses the police to track down a herbalist for giving him an ineffective charm that was supposedly meant for performing miracl...
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See what a fake Pastor is doing with women

Not all who preach the gospel are really men of God. This man claims to be a pastor in disguise. See what he is doing with these women in the name of prayer...
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