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School Child Tells Teacher He Wants To Be A Fetish Priest

A teacher decided to lined up some school children in a classroom and then asked what they aspire to be in future. Shockingly one of the school children said he wanted to be a Fetish Priest..The ot...
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Fetish Priest, Kwaku Bonsams Speaks On Meeting Jay Z

Here's something you don't happen to see everyday, a fetish priest with a strong social media presence. But just because it's Ghana, and just because it is Ghana's "ace jujuman" Nana Kwaku Bonsam, ...
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Pandemonium As Ghost Of 39-Year-Old Man Arrests Fetish Priest In Ghana

The town of Fasen in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region, was on Thursday thrown into a state of pandemonium when the ghost of a 39-year old man allegedly arrested a fetish priest. The g...
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