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Hilarious Video Of Drunk Guy Taking The Longest Escalator Ride Ever

You know you’re really drunk when you’re not just physically impaired, but you’re barely on the planet anymore. You start to see things that aren’t really there and things start to move that a...
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Denial At The Point Of Death (Danladi The Aboki Ep 2) – Hilarious Skit

When Danladi was Attacked by an Angry Christian Mob,he quickly claimed to be a Christian,to prove he actually was,he was asked a simple question from the Christian faith. The answer will shock you.
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Notrespazz performing Live At grace chapel, Lagos

one of my numerous stamd up performances, just want you to have a feel.
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Notrespazz vs unilag girl

My experience with an undergraduate of one of Nigeria's leading universities.
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How and Aboki Makes Phone Calls (Danladi the Aboki Episode 1)-Hilarious

In this Hilarious Comedy Skit,Danladi goes to a Phone Call centre to call his visitor and describe his address to him,what happens next will shock you...
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Hilarious Video:- Pull Over Remix Title ‘Buhari Pull Over’

opposition parties are getting things together to contend with their opponent as the February 14 presidential election draws closer. A music video posted by a certain Favour Desimhi has surfaced on...
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Hilarious Comedy Skit -You can be a Millionaire by Reading my Books even though i’m Broke and Poor

Watch this hilarious skit,Mayor is a poor broke book writer who tries to sell inspirational books on how to become rich to Office pin, and Toothpick. reminds you of the bible verse that says -You hypo...
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AY, the honest house boy

Watch AY, the popular Nigeria comedian they do house boy. Very funny.
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Guy with pink shirt ask girls on street to kiss him – prank

Funny, guy ask girls on street to kiss him - Prank
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Comedy Skit – The Urine

Jikesman's urine that was kept for laboratory test was enjoyed by his good friend that visited him unknownly.. lol
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