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Lagos Pastor Sends Wife Parking After She Cheated on Him with Another Pastor

He does not want to see his wife any longer, there was nothing that anyone can do about it after he caught his wife with another pastor… He said “When my pastor-friend came to Lagos on my invitati...
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Perfect Way To Burst A Cheating Wife

A man called in on a radio program to express his suspicions about his cheating wife and the presenter shows a great detective tactic
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Disaster As Ex-soldier Catches Wife With Another Man

A former soldier, Mduduzi Mabhena went berserk, smashing cars and destroying properties and then dealing with the man he found his wife with ontheir matrimonial bed. His wife Lisa Mutengwa, had come h...
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Husband Catches Wife With A Married Man In A Hotel

Hakeem Yusuf, who is a commercial motorcycle operator wants to end his 23 year old marriage with his wife, Munirat who has been meeting other men behind his back He has gone to a court to ask for a di...
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Big Girl Caught In The Act With Married Man

A popular big girl in town recently got more than she bargained for as the wife of a wealthy man who she has been enjoying "good times" with in different hotels finally caught her red handed.
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Man Axed His Wife To Death Over Infidelity

A 27-year old man named Vincent Dube has been arrested on February 12 for killing his 19-year old wife Memory Nobukhosi Ndlovu by striking her head twice with an axe over alleged infidelity.
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