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AGAIN! Pastor Lesego Opens Petrol Station in Church Makes Congregants Drink Petrol From Dispenser

12/07/2015 Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Ministries Opens a New Petrol Filling Station in Church and made his Congregants and Members drink directly from the dispenser telling them they are drinking...
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Another Pastor Transforms Church Members 2 Goats Says he will ‘Take them to hell’

'i want to take you to hell,see what hell looks like' says Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Ministries, as he change his church members to goats,watch this hilarious satire,as comedians take jabs at hi...
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Shocking!!! Pastor Lesego Gives Members To Drink Petro

Controversial South African Pastor ,Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries has decided to go extra dangerous this time, it is no longer asking his members to eat grass or stepping on then. He has ...
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He Made Them Eat Grass, Now He Is Stepping On His Members

Early this year, the internet village was shocked when Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, South Africa made his church members eat grass He had claimed that that eating grass will ...
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