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Girl disgraced on street by boyfriend for sleeping around

This girl most be the most unlucky girl to have an animal as a boyfriend, Watch video of how she was disgraced and got her cloths off by her boyfriend in the street for sleeping around.. Hit the play ...
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Runs Girl in Tanzania Publicly Disgrace a Married Man for breaking thier Contract terms

This drama that took place is Tanzania, has left me wondering why some men like starting what they can't be able to finish. How can a man pick a runs girls and still refuse to pay her after satisf...
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Runs Girl goes Crazy on her Customer for Refusing to Pay for her Services in Zimbabwe

Hehehe, this Zimbabwean runs girls decided to publicly disgrace a man whom she allegedly claimed slept with her and refused to pay for her services. When asked the man, he said that he payed her th...
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Runs Girl Cursed With Dead Babies For Cheating A Sugar Daddy

A lady who refused to be named is in a bigger trouble than she can handle, she was once the beauty on the street, with a lot of marriage proposal from men but she wanted to play a fast one
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FUNNY VIDEO : I go Save- How to treat a naija runs girl

watch how i-go-save comedian treats a runs girl and she regrets it afterwards lol..overly hilarious video..
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Big Girl Caught In The Act With Married Man

A popular big girl in town recently got more than she bargained for as the wife of a wealthy man who she has been enjoying "good times" with in different hotels finally caught her red handed.
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