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Shuga 3, episode 8

Princess (Sharon Ezeamaka), finally realizes who Solomon (Sani Mu’azu) really is - with disastrous consequences for all. The struggle between Malaika (Leonora Okine) and Nii (Chris Attoh) finally c...
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Shuga 3, episode 7

Weki goes for his trial at the Football Academy, while Sophie and Ekene go for their 3 month test; and Tobi tries to patch it up with Princess, but she is rowing with Sophie and preoccupied with Solom...
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Shuga 3, episode 6

Malaika is shocked to find that she is still pregnant. And while Weki begins to realise his dreams, Tobi and Princess’s new found love is severely challenged.
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Shuga 3, episode 5

Tobi (TImini Egbuson) and Princess are joyful in their their new found love, while Malaika (Leonora Okine) and Nii’s (Chris Attoh) marriage lurches deeper into crisis, Weki (Olumide Oworu) and Sade...
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Shuga 3, episode 4

Foye is upset and angry that Ekene and Sophie’s betrayal means that she has to get tested for HIV, and seeks solace in Femi, little knowing that he too has a secret…
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Shuga 3, episode 3

When Sophie and Ekene go to get tested for HIV they realise they need to tell Foye who they have also put at risk, and so Ekene promises to tell her…
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Shuga 3, episode 2

When Sophie discovers that Solomon (Sani Mu’azu) her “aristo” lover is HIV positive, she goes to tell ex boyfriend Ekene that they need to get tested, but finds Ekene in the middle of a post fig...
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Shuga 3, episode 1

When Femi (Ikubese Emmanuel Ifeanyi) returns from Nairobi to Lagos a long standing secret upsets the relationship between his music promoter friend Ekene (Okezi Morro), and Ekene’s girlfriend Foye (...
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Shuga 2, episode 6

Angelo gives up on his dream of being a musician and uses his savings to set himself up as a street trader. Kipepeo decides to use her charms and her body to find a way to get herself and Angelo back...
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Shuga 2, episode 5

Kipepeo, a young singer from a rural seaside village, wins a talent contest and uses the prize money to try and make it in Nairobi. After a disastrous audition, she finds herself adrift on the big ci...
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Shuga 2, episode 3

Dalla and Leo are the hottest and most "in love" couple on campus. While hosting his morning radio show, Leo interviews Nairobi's biggest new singing sensation, Miss B'have. There is an immediate sp...
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Shuga 2, episode 4

Leo, intent on ending his relationship with Dalla, has forgotten that it is their anniversary. Dalla meanwhile, has organized the sweetest celebration. Unable to hurt Dalla, Leo decides to keep both ...
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Shuga 2, episode 2

Baby goes on a reckless journey into the nightclubs of Nairobi on a quest to find her celebrity father. Instead she finds herself thrust into the abusive arms of her Uncle Joe. Meanwhile, Violet has...
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Shuga 2, episode 1

Sixteen year old Baby lives in the same apartment block as the older and more glamorous Violet, who provides a happy escape from her mother's scolding and the uncomfortable advances of her stepfather'...
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Shuga: Season 1 Episode 3

Another chance to catch Shuga, an MTV Staying Alive drama set in Nairobi, Kenya. Everything comes to a head in the final episode, Ayira has it all to lose, and Skola is free falling to his lowest poin...
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