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Ugandan girl practicing hard to become the next Rihanna

Ugandan girl practice hard to become Rihanna next of kin
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Thousands of Ugandans demonstrate against power struggle

Thousands of Ugandans have rallied across the African country to show solidarity with President Yoweri Museveni and protest at a power struggle. The demonstrations come days after Museveni sacked h...
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Ugandan Citizens React to their Budget

Uganda's Finance minister proposed heavy taxes on domestic products to enable him to finance about 81% of the government's budget for the next financial year. The move has however drawn criticism from...
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Beautiful Ugandan Ladies Slide show

Watch the images of beautiful ugandan ladies. Watch it out and drop comments.
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Beauties of Ugandan Actress Slide Show

Watch the beautiful images of Ugandan Actress. Watch it out and drop comments
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