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South Africa Attempts to Halt the Country’s Spiral into More Xenophobic Violence

This video shows a report on how the country of South Africa attempts to stem the tide of xenophobic killings that have been on in the country for about a week now. At least five people have been ...
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Leave South Africa in 14 days or get killed – Leader of Xenophobia Tells Foreigners

This entertainer/COMEDIAN is imitating the leader of Xenophobia in South Africa. He says his troops will not stop killing foreigners. My question is why Africans would kill fellow Africans. Prior t...
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How I Survived South African Xenophobic Mob Set Burn me Alive – Nigerian

MUST WATCH: A Nigerian tells his story how he escaped xenophobic mob out to set him on fire alive in Soweto South Africa 2015
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South African Police breaks Up a Stand-off Between Protesters and a Group of Immigrants

The wave of anti-immigrant violence is spreading across South Africa. In this video Souh African Police today had to break up a stand-off between protesters and a group of immigrants armed with mac...
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Honourable Malema Accuses President Zuma Of Complicity in Xenophobic Killings

EFF leader and MP Julius Malema has lashed out at President Jacob Zuma saying, "You have lost control of the country, because you have lost control of your own family. He then took President Jacob ...
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South African Lady Gives Reasons for Killing Foreigners Especially Nigerians

We kill black “foreigners” because ‘OUR CHILDREN DON’T HAVE WORK’ An elderly woman from ‪Jeppestown‬ explains why they want the foreigners especially NIGERIANS out of the area because t...
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Nigerian Boys in Durban, South Africa mobilize to Fight back the Xenophobic Attacks

For many Africans, South Africa represents a land of opportunity and a haven of tolerance, but a wave of violence has tarnished this image and sent foreigners fleeing for safety. Foreigners have fled ...
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