Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria

Christmas is a time to enjoy and celebrate the festive season with family and friends. For a lot of Nigerians, this special season is a time to travel and explore. Here we look at ten great destinations to spend Christmas in Nigeria, with these destinations, there is no need traveling out of Nigeria for Christmas holiday.


Abiriba, Abia State

Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-abiriba
Have you ever seen the ‘Small London’ in Nigeria? This small village in Abia State boasts of a cultural and fun haven during Christmas. You would be drawn in with its unique celebration, the eating, drinking, mingling and dancing. This is one village that can compete with major cities in the country during the nights throughout Christmas.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-lagos
The excitement in Lagos during Christmas is electric and the magical spell on those coming to the city is charming. There are so many things to do during Christmas in Lagos, the only thing is, are you willing to have fun?

You can visit the beaches like Lagos Bar Beach, Ogogoro Island Lekki Beach and Alpha Beach. Literally, there is no night in Lagos during Christmas. Activities seem to begin all over again from dusk to dawn.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-badagry
Badagry is not going to be as rowdy as the city of Lagos during Christmas. This may be the finest place you celebrate this Christmas. A trip to the Coconut beach would get you lost in the serenity of the surrounding. This is a great place for relaxation with friends and families.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-abuja
The serenity in Abuja during the festive period is mesmerizing. The city may be quiet but not boring in the capital city. The leisure begins in Abuja and there are lots of places to visit while spending your Christmas here. The kids are well prepared for with activities at the Millennium Park and other parks.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria
There is no city in Nigeria that can celebrate Christmas like Calabar. The activities begin right on the first day of Christmas. The Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival attracts dignities, celebrities and the public from all over the country and abroad for this festival. What else are you looking for in another country during Christmas when Calabar has become ‘Paris’ in Nigeria during this period? There are local delicacies that are irresistible, exciting activities and places to visit like the Tinapa Resort.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-enugu
The ‘Nigeria Hollywood’ city called the ‘Coal City’ will sweep you off your feet during Christmas. There are festivals, shrines to visit, nightclubs that would heat up the night, caves, and lots of activities that would hold Enugu hostage. This city drags you to the famous Ngwo Pine forest, Ani Ozalla Lake, silicon hill, Opi Lake Complex, Eziagu tourism complex, Iva valley coal mine, Awhum waterfall, Milken hill.


Port Harcourt

Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-port harcourt (2)
The Garden City does not disappoint during Christmas. It is pure haven for those who would want to have that same feeling that those who travel outside Nigeria during Christmas gets. The smell of the spicy meat kebabs, roasted fishes, music and food would attract you. There is a Christmas festival all for you and your family.



Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-owerri
This city is becoming one of the best in terms of fun and holidays. Christmas is a great time to be in Owerri, the environment is peaceful and the excitement of the festive period is everywhere. One perfect place to be during this time is the Oba Rigwa village, where you can get an exotic Christmas celebration. “Point and kill” delicacy gives you that exceptional meal during Christmas.


Akwa Ibom

Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-Akwa Ibom
The props are ready for the 9,999 Christmas carol festival in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom. The stage is set. The organisers are working round the clock. Major participants are engrossed to the rituals of rehearsal. Beyond the music and razzmatazz and the Akwa Ibom State Christmas Carol Night, this is a place to be during Christmas. Life is indeed beautiful when it comes to Christmas celebration in Akwa Ibom.


Obudu Resort

Ten Great Destinations To Spend Christmas In Nigeria-obudu
No Christmas would be complete without a visit to Obudu Cattle Ranch. This is one magical Christmas destination in Nigeria. T he food is excellent and the entertainment varied. There is a water park with a swimming pool and water slide for the use of guests. There is horseback riding, a golf course, and night-time bonfires. Christmas really makes sense here.

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