Ten Popular Markets In Nigeria

Ten Popular Markets In Nigeria

There are reasons why people naturally go to different markets. In Nigeria, there are so many markets that attract a huge number of people , where you can virtually buy anything at relatively good prices as well as get quality items.

We have listed ten markets that you can visit in Nigeria that are big and designed to make shopping easy and affordable for you.

Alaba International Market,Lagos State

alaba market
If there is one market that would be ringing in your ears when you are in Lagos is Alaba International market. This is the home to the biggest electronic products in the country. There is hardly an electronic device that you would miss here.

Idumota Market, Lagos State

idumota market
Idumota Market is one of the oldest markets in Lagos state. From 6.am till 5 pm, there is always activities that seem unending in the market. It is sort of Nollywood market place because most movie distributors and dealers are based here.

Onitsha Market, Anambra State

onitcha market
This is one of the largest markets in West Africa. You are assured that you are getting any kind of product you need at an affordable rate. People from different parts of the country would always visit this market for their business transactions.

Ariaria international Market, Aba, Abia State

Ariaria international Market
It is called the China of Africa. This is where you would see a lot of replicas of a lot of products ranging from fashion to home items, that are mostly seen in every market in Nigeria and Africa, it is one market that may get you missing because of its large land mass.

The Kurmi Market, Kano State

kurmi market
Kano has one of the biggest market in Nigeria called the Kurmi Market, founded by Muhammad Rumfa, a King of Kano, in the 15th century. The market has also lent its name to a football team.

The Oja-Oba/Orita Merin Market, Ibadan, Oyo State

Merin Market
This market is also called The King's Market and it is one of the biggest foodstuffs markets in the ancient city of Ibadan.

Jos Main Market, Plateau State

jos main market
Jos main market is known as the largest indoor market in the whole of West Africa. Beautifully arranged and designed to give you what you want to buy without walking aimlessly for a long time.

Ogbete Main Market, Enugu State

ogbete market
You would love to visit this Coal city market that has become the home to ladies who would want to save a lot of money when buying things for their family. It is the biggest market in Enugu.

New market, Aba, Abia State

new market,aba
Apart from Ariaria international Market, New Market is another big market that would always attract thousands of sellers and buyers every day including Sundays.

Bodija Market

bodija market
This is a very popular market in Ibadan and offers you a lot of things at a very affordable rate.

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