Too Much Wahala as Military Man Caught his Wife Cheating with Another Man in a Hotel


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Woaa, this is the height of Gobe. If you can actually recall, we shared a similar video earlier last year but this time, it happened again in Ivory coast.

A military man who has been suspecting his wife's crooked movement decided to employ military espionages on his wife, which turned out to be fruitful... She was busted by the military espionages with her lover man in a hotel right in the act. They are really in big trouble, they already shaved off some part of the wife's hair. Ah, I pity for them... By the time they are through with them, they will never dream of cheating again.

Y'all just need to watch and share this video with your friends, it's really hotter than fire. A Lot of people everywhere in the hotel, wanting to mock and disgrace them.. hmmmm!

5 years ago