Trader Has Bitten Off a Man’s Ear Over N200


Chukuma Ameh, who works as a provisions trader, has been called before the Senior Magistrates' Court in Mararaba for biting off the left ear of a man named Abdulaziz Saidu over N200.

Amen and Saidu where found by the police patrol fighting on the street. They have been treated in the Maraba Medical Center before going to the court yesterday, January 30.

According to Ameh, he was in his shop at Abacha Road when Saidu came and demanded to be paid N200 that he claimed to be owed. This happened after the Nigeria-Ethiopia football march on Tuesday, January 29.

He added that he was eating during that time and told Saidu that he did not owe him any money. After that, Saidu picked a bottle and attempted to stab him with it. He was able to block his attack.

“See my hand, I slept in the hospital yesterday because the cut was deep and one of my veins was cut. After he injured me on the hand with the bottle, he hit my head with the bottle and it was in a bid to save myself that I pushed him to the ground and bit his ear,” Ameh explained.

On the other hand, Saidu denied Ameh's statement.

“Chukwuma asked me to change money for him to give a customer so I gave him N200. After the match, I asked him for the money and he said he didn’t owe me. He was the one who dealt me a blow first and we started fighting. I later went to the police and made a report and some policemen followed me to his shop. When we got there, he told the police to go that we will settle the matter amicably and after they left, he broke a bottle on his head and as we were fighting, he bit my ear,” he stated.
7 years ago