Travel Guide To Lomé, Togo

Travel guide to lome
Lomé is the capital city of Togo, a little city dubbed 'the pearl of West Africa', with its charm that attracts a lot of people to it daily.

It has this unique gems and treats with a flair of French civilization that it offers its visitors. You are presented with palm-fringed boulevards and colourful markets.

You can witness amazing voodoo ceremonies and the people’s dance, meet some spiritual people, explore the forests of Kpalime and learn about the slave trade in Ouidah.

There are lots of things for you to do when you are in Lomé and we have made it so each for you to experience when you are in this city.

Major Attraction Sites In Lomé

Lomé is a typical West African city that has green gardens, grand boulevards and large squares. You can enjoy the vibrate night life here with affordable hotels and foods.

Akodessewa Fetish Market

Travel guide to lome
This is the world’s largest fetish market and you can get anything that you need for rituals here. This is one place where voodoo priests can stock up on their creepy supplies.

Lomé Grand Market

This is a large three storey hall that sells virtually everything from green lemons to gadgets. There is also the Akodessewa market, which is much more specialized than the general market.
Travel guide to lome

Lake Togo

This is a very beautiful place to be and a natural paradise for lovers. The Togo Togo Hupang is not a place to be missed when you are here, there are attractions sites like the King Mu Lapa Palace and the Goddesses Lake Catholic Church.

Agebode Laffer

The slave coast is a relic that was left behind for you to take a glimpse of the African slave history and the Agebode Laffer slave house or House of slaves have been included in world heritage sites.


Travel guide to lome
This is where you would love to visit when you are in this capital city, it is where you can fund the sanctuary, Défalé cliff and was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage in kutama Library reliefs.

Lomé–Tokoin Airport : LFW

Lomé–Tokoin Airport is also known as the Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport, which served 234,557 passengers in 2009. It is the hub of ASKY Airlines, a subsidiary of Ethiopian Airlines.

Hotels & Accommodation

Travel guide to lome
There are lots of three star hotels and budget hotels that you can lodge in when you are in Lomé. You can enjoy the exotic meals of the locals here and indulge in luxury and comfort at a very affordable rate because of the cheapness of the city.

Car Hire Services

You can easily get your car hire from the airport and if you are taking the road to Lomé, you can hire cars that would take you around the city.
Travel guide to lome

The Best Time To Visit Lomé

Every time you visit the city is exciting and the night life is one of the best in Africa. However, the best time to visit would be from January to March.

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