Travel Guide to Port Harcourt

Travel Guide to Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is known as the Garden city, a multicultural city rich with affluent history.

The city has several flourishing tourist attractions. Several multinational oil companies are present in this city.

Port Harcourt is the major city in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria and capital of Rivers state, Nigeria.

Visit Port Harcourt sandy beaches which cover a wide coastal area. Take a speed boat ride through the famous meandering creeks and explore the forests, filled with green plants and exotic wildlife.

You can add a little more fun to the trip by visiting some of the age long shrines located in this forest.

Major Attractions in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt can be described as a tourist haven because there are so many attractions for you. Some of the visitors’ favorite choices are;

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

This picturesque spot is on an artificial sand beach. There are bush-bar restaurants here which serve bush meat, palm wine and local dishes which include sea food with entertainment.

Museum, games room and wildlife display are some of the side attractions at the beach.

It is located at Kolabi creek east of the old township.

Rivers State Museum

The Rivers state museum has an amazing collection of works of art of various ethnic group of Rivers State.

Among the artifacts are the carvings and masks which depicts the culture of this hospital people of Rivers state.

It is located at the secretariat complex of Rivers State.

Isaac Boro Garden Park

Isaac Boro Garden Park

Isaac Boro Garden Park is a perfect place to have a getaway at the heart of the city.

Live music concert, trade fairs and other events takes place here at regular interval. Take note of the tomb of Unknown Soldier at the Park.

It is built in honor of soldiers who died during Nigerian civil war known as Biafran war.

It is located beside the flyover at the main park.

Port Harcourt Cultural Centre

The cultural flavour of the multicultural city can be relished at the Port Harcourt cultural centre.

It has a theatre for live performance of cultural dance and plays. Tourist can also buy souvenirs of local artefacts at shops located within the centre.

Other favourite tourist attractions in Port Harcourt include: Liberation Stadium, Sharks Stadium and Port Harcourt International Airport.

Just 33 kilometre from Port Harcourt is the city of Aba with several tourist attractions.

48 kilometer from Port Harcourt, the peaceful City of Owerri draws tourist attention with its thrilling activities and exciting places.

Visit the tourist beach and have a day fill with fun activities.

Swim, take an unperturbed stroll along the sandy beach with a loved one and just feel the soothing effect of the atmosphere around you.

You can shop for African jewellery, home wares, artefact and pottery at exotic gift shops.

You will also love to visit mile one market and buy one or two things there.

It is a street market and sells everything, pepper, fairly used clothes, leather bags, suitcase, electronic devices e.t.c

Take pleasure in Port Harcourt night life at several classy wine bars and lounge in the garden city.

Socialize with the city’s big boys and enjoy the best of hip hop and Nigerian music from the different club DJs, most have outdoor bar and champagne lounge.

Where to Eat

Savour the taste of Nigerian delicacies at modern restaurants spread across the garden city.

Best of African foods like pounded yam, various soups, amala, rice and stew are on the menu.
Have a taste of the popular and delicious ‘suya’.

It is a spicy meat kebab cooked over a charcoal grill. It is sold at several joints in the city.

Relish the spicy and delicious ‘point and kill’ fresh fish pepper soup best enjoyed with the local palm wine drink.

Give your taste buds a treat with roasted fish served with roasted plantain and eaten with fresh palm oil, grounded leaves and spices.


Hotels and accommodation

There are so many luxurious and cheap hotels and accommodation in the Garden in Port Harcourt.

Delight in the superb services of these hotels at a low cost.

Some of the best hotels are Hotel Presidential, Protea Hotel Garden City, The Novotel, Embassy Hotel, Best Western Premier Hotel, The Novotel, Labake Hotel Limited and Toki Hotels.

How to move about

Many car rental service companies offer chauffeur driven cars and different car models at an affordable charge.

Just hire a car at their locations which includes hotels and the airport and explore the Garden City. The driver can also serve as tour guide.

Best time to visit

You can visit Port Harcourt any time of the year. Between November and December, during colourful annual carnival which features boat regattas, cultural display and masquerades is the best time to visit Port Harcourt.
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